Back Office Solutions for Government and Commercial Businesses

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Whether you are a government contractor or a small business owner, AGS will handle your back-office needs, while reducing your indirect and overhead costs and aiding in your transition to maturity. AGS regularly serves as a middleman, connecting our clients with knowledgeable partners who deliver consistent results.

In short, we take care of everything.

  • Accounting and Financial Consulting
  • Cost Proposal Assistance
  • Company Startup Assistance
  • Policy and Procedure Setup and Implementation
  • Human Resource Services
  • Conference and Office Facilities
  • Contract Management and Review

Our government contracting clients are located throughout the country, with a concentration on Central Maryland, Aberdeen, and Northern Virginia. They directly and indirectly support agencies such as the DoD, DOE, DISA, DIA, FBI, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, HHS, and DHS, among others.

Additional government contracting solutions include:

  • Government Contract Consulting Support – Government contracts are subject to rigorous requirements and regulations, and contractors can face severe penalties if guidelines are not explicitly adhered to. Federal contracts, for example, must be completed within the framework of the Federal and Defense Acquisition system. AGS specializes in helping our clients navigate such inherent complexities while eliminating concerns of noncompliance.
  • Comprehensive Security, CSSO, and FSO Services – Our premier security support includes a complete set of facility, personnel, and AIS services as defined by the Defense Security Service and the National Industrial Security Program. Additionally, our cybersecurity offerings run the gamut of government specific requirements, including development of a cybersecurity plan, management and operation, security testing, compliance verification, and much more.
  • International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) Compliance – Because the penalties for violating ITAR are potentially severe – including fines, imprisonment, and debarment from contracting – AGS offers comprehensive training and consultation to protect contractors against misunderstandings, noncompliance, and the resulting consequences. Our consultants can also help you determine if your company must register with the Department of State and, subsequently, guide you step by step through the process.

AGS will handle the monotony of administrative tasks and compliance requirements, so you can focus on supporting the customer and its mission.

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