NAS3 Share Link

The NAS3 server has the capability to create a quick, temporary file download link that can be shared by email, social media, or other means to any external recipient. This link provides them with an easy way to download selected files by web http. This is useful for the quick transfer of sensitive documents, especially where these are too large for email, such as for scanned photocopies that can easily exceed tens or hundreds of megabytes.

Files can be shared from ANY LOCATION on NAS3 and can have ANY LEGAL FILENAME. Nothing special is required to share a file.

You must use the Web interface to NAS3, since this capability is a feature of the Synology File Station application, not your Windows Operating system.

Web Site Click here to connect to the NAS3 File Station Application.

After connecting, navigate to the file you want to share. Right click on the file and select Share file links from the drop down menu.

NAS3 Share Link

The system will automatically create a temporary link that you can just copy and paste into an email to send to your intended recipient.

NAS3 Share Link

Optionally, you can change the default period of time that this link will remain active. Note that this capability cannot be reliably used for length periods such as months, because all of the temporary links are deleted everytime the server is rebooted such as after a software update.

NAS3 Share Link

Optionally, you can set a password, but unless you send this password separately from the emailed link, it adds no security.

NAS3 Share Link

High Port Issue

Note that the link that is generated uses the high port 7001 instead of the standard https port 443. For most ecipients, this is not an issue. However, some recipients are on networks that block all high ports. This is true for most Government locations.

To work around this issue, just delete the :7001 from the link before sending it. We have programmed a firewall rule that will convert incoming connections to NAS3 from 443 to the 7001 port that NAS3 is expecting. In our example, the link




Since this firewall rule only works for external users, you cannot use or test this modified link internally since internal connections to NAS3 do not go through the firewall and will not be converted.