This file server provides an external web-accessible dropbox for AGS staff to publish files for external access and distribution.

Receive/Download Procedure

For privacy reasons, this Dropbox web server does not offer directory browsing. To receive a file using this resource, you must be provided the exact URL through a separate communications, such as a private email. URL's are in the format:


where filename.pdf should be replaced with the actual filename being sent to you. You cannot use this service without the actual filename to download. Note that filenames are case-sensitive and cannot contain spaces or reserved special characters.

Posting/Upload Procedure

Here is the procedure for posting a document to the dropbox from which you can embed a private link you can distribute by your private email.

  1. Prepare the electronic file to be posted.
  2. For electronic files you can use your original document in Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint or other format, or you can create a pdf document by using your pdf creation software (e.g., Acrobat).

    For hard-copy only documents where you do not have an original electronic file, scan the document and save it any standard format, e.g: .pdf, jpg, etc.

  3. Rename the file to an internet friendly name. Be sure to use a unique file name each time you follow this procedure.
  4. Verify that the name has no spaces or special characters (other than underscore or hyphen), only alphanumerics. Upper or lowercase are OK, but it is safer to just stick with all lowercase, since http is case-sensitive.
  5. Be sure that your file has an acceptable file extension as part of its name. Windows will automatically do this for you, but hides extensions by default. These are all acceptable names:




    These are unacceptable names:

    file name.pdf [Space is not allowed in a file name]

    filename [The extension is missing, making the file unreadable by the recipient]

    File&Name.pdf [& is not allowed in a file name]

    File;Name.pdf [; is not allowed in a file name]

  6. Copy the file to the following local file directory, where it will be automatically published to a special website. Note that you cannot Save the file directly to this location from your application; you must save it to your workstation, and then Copy the file to this location:
  7. From Any Location:

    Upload the file to the NAS3 dropbox folder as shown below using the Upload action. Note that for privacy reasons, the dropbox is write only, no read; so you cannot open the dropbox folder to view its contents, and once you upload your file you will not see it in this window. Proceed to the next step to verify that is there.

    Dropbox on NAS1
  8. Verify that you can access the file with either of the following internet links, where you should replace filename.pdf with your actual file name.
  9. for the NAS3 server in New Market

  10. Send this link in an email instead of attaching the actual file. Recipients can click the link to download the file. Any file size will work, including Gigabytes. There is no size limit using this method.
  11. Note that this is a private link that is ONLY available to people you send it to. Internet users can only access the file if they have the EXACT LINK. For security reasons, the system does not permit anonymous directory browsing.
  12. Undo or Recall is easily done by overwriting the original file with a replacement or a black file with the identical filename.
  13. Deletion is automatic. Files posted to the Dropbox will be automatically deleted in 30 days. The Dropbox is intended for quick transitory file sharing. If you need a more permanent web-based file sharing service, please contact Myron Cramer.