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Contracts – with customers, vendors, partners, or employees – are an essential, yet time-consuming, reality of doing business. While used for various purposes, all contain multiple moving parts, making it far too easy to overlook crucial details when working with multiple providers.

AGS’ one-stop, integrated contract management and administration services ensure nothing will be missed, protecting your business and its assets.

Our experienced contracting professionals:

  • Expertly manage contract creation, execution, and analysis.
  • Negotiate terms and conditions, in consultation with you, ensuring compliance.
  • Meticulously document changes or amendments that arise.
  • Regularly consult with experts in various fields and industries to make certain all bases are covered.
  • Leverage systematic processes to maximize your financial and operational performance and minimize risk.

Extensive Government Expertise

All contracts with the Federal Government are subject to Byzantine requirements and standards promulgated in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and the various applicable agency FAR supplements. Government contractors can face severe penalties if guidelines are not meticulously followed.

AGS specializes in working within this framework, and will help you navigate the inherent complexities while putting you on the fasttrack to success.

AGS will meet your contractual needs more efficiently.

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