Windows 10

Windows 10 Configuration

Windows 10 configurations are stored within each user's profile. For domain workstations or laptops, these configurations are. synchronized by our Active Directory system. For non-domain workstation or laptops, these same changes will need to be made on each system.

Taskbar Settings

Control Panels

The taskbar is the panel with icons at the bottom of the screen.

Disable OneDrive. From Taskbar caret ^, right-click on the OneDrive cloud, Select Settings, open Settings tab and uncheck box to start OneDrive automatically; then from Taskbar caret, right click on OneDrive and select Exit to close OneDrive.

Unpin Edge. Right-click on the blue e and select Unpin from taskbar. The solid blue e is not Internet Explorer. It is Edge, Microsoft's mobile web browser with stripped-down functionality designed for Microsoft phones and tablets. Edge was optimized for video games and for speedy performance for home applications. Many business websites will not work right with Edge.

Constrain Cortana. Newer versions of Windows 10 do not permit Cortana to be disabled, but you can limit her ability to monitor your computing and share it with Microsoft. Click on the search bar and select the Cortana settings and turn off all the switches that you can.

Install Control Panels in Taskbar. Control Panels are different from the Windows 10 Settings. Right click on the start button and select Control Panels when it appears in the menu. After it opens, it will appear on the Taskbar. Right click the Control Panel icon and select Pin to Taskbar.

Control Panels

Control Panels

Control Panels are the classic component of Windows consisting of applets that change Winows system settings. Their functionality is gradually being replaced by the Windows 10 Settings, but there are still settings that can only be accessed from Control Panels. Change to default view to View by: Small icons so you can see all the controls.

File Explorer Options/General: uncheck the boxes under Privacy items to Show recently used files and folders.

File Explorer Options/View: uncheck hide extensions for known file types.

Windows 10 Settings

Windows Settings

Apps. Select the Apps Windows 10 Settings and change the default Apps for Mail to Outlook for Web to Internet Explorer (or other Browser of your choice), and for Movies to Windows Media Player. Then change the Default app by file type and select the PDF extension and change it from Edge to Acrobat.

Privacy. Uncheck all the default boxes to disable sharing of personal information with websites, ads, and applications.

Update/Advanced Options. Disable downloading updates from other PCs.

Start Menu Settings

Adjust default Start menu options to your own groups and applications. This is a better place for these than the outdated concept of shortcuts on the desktop.

Internet Explorer Settings

Internet Explorer is a fully capable and integrated web browser, but needs the default settings to be changed to be useful. Only Internet Explorer integrates with the Windows networking, the Windows certificate store, and roaming profiles.

Set your home page from Microsoft's default to or other site of your choice. Ideally you want something that loads quickly.

Uncheck the box for Protected Mode for Trusted Sites.

Right click the empty space at the top of the Window to add in the following: Menu bar,

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