International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)

The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) control the export and import of defense-related articles and services. ITAR provides important protections to our national security posture by limiting the availability of U.S. technology to potential adversaries.

ITAR defines "export" very broadly. Although your company may never ship goods outside of the U.S., it may nonetheless be conducting exports. The ITAR training that is available through Ashton-Group Services explains ITAR's broad definition and identifies the implications for your company.

The potential penalties for violating ITAR are severe, including stiff fines, imprisonment, and debarment from Government contracting. ITAR is very complex, and many contractors are unaware of ITAR's requirements. Many contractors also mistakenly assume that ITAR does not apply to them because they do not export and they have no interactions with foreign nationals. ITAR applies to most, if not all, Government Defense contractors, regardless of whether they export or have interaction with foreign nationals.

ITAR requires that every contractor that provides defense services must register with the Department of State. This requirement applies even when the contractor does not provide defense services to a foreign entity, and the requirement applies to contractors regardless of their size. By taking advantage of Ashton-Group Services' ITAR service, you can determine if your company must register, and, if so, Ashton-Group Services can get your company registered.

Ashton-Group Services can also provide these other ITAR-related services:

  • ITAR Compliance Program Formation
  • ITAR Training for Senior Staff or Employees
  • ITAR Export License Application Submission
  • General ITAR Consultation

Protect your company. Get an advantage over your competitors. Use Ashton-Group Services to ensure your ITAR compliance.

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