Companies conducting business with the Federal Government must comply with registration and certification requirements. We assist you in satisfying these through a complete set of certification support.

Articles of Organization and Incorporation

The Articles of Incorporation provide the primary governing document for a company, including the kind of business to be undertaken, the esponsibilities of its directors, and the means by which the shareholders control the Directors.

Federal and State Registrations

Businesses must comply with Federal and State registrations requirements in order to operate.

Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) Registratiom

All US Federal Government Contractors must be registered with Dun & Bradstreet (D&B). Registration includes a Data Universal Numbering System or D-U-N-S Number, a unique nine digit identification number, for each physical location of a business. The D-U-N-S Number is widely used by both commercial and federal entities and was adopted as the standard business identifier for federal electronic commerce in October 1994. The D-U-N-S Number was also incorporated into the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) in April 1998 as the Federal Government's contractor identification code for all procurement-related activities.

System for Award Management (SAM) Registration

The System for Award Management has repalced the Central Contractor Registration and the Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA). It is part of the Integrated Acquisition Environment (IAE). IAE was initiated in 2001 to bring together different federal procurement data systems into a unified system, with the intention of reducing duplication and information technology costs, and to help create a more streamlined and integrated federal acquisition process.

Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code

The Commercial And Government Entity (CAGE) Code is a five-character ID number used extensively within the federal government, assigned by the Department of Defense Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). The CAGE code is used to support a variety of mechanized systems throughout the government and provides a standardized method of identifying a given facility at a specific location. The code may be used for a facility clearance, or a pre-award survey.

Registration with Government Acquisition Resource Centers (ARCs)

In order to be considered as a vendor for Federal agencies, it is often necessary to register with Agency Acquisition Resource Centers (ARCs). Registration includes your company on the lists to receive invitations to Agency events, and to receive requests for proposals (RFPs).

Provisional Industrial Security Approval (PISA) Program Consultation

We will assist you with meeting the requirements for NSA's PISA Program, which provides an avenue for companies to receive the necessary personnel clearances to engage in classified discussions with NSA personnel. The ability to participate in these high-level discussions should provide the company with an understanding of current and potential Agency needs, better positioning the company to be a successful Industry partner.

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