Cyber Security

PKI Installation

The following information is provided to assist you through the certificate installation process on the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. You should only have to do this one time for each system you use.

How do I install a root certificate?

These are the steps to install on Windows operating systems. There are similar steps on other operating systems including Macintosh, Linux, iPhones, Androids, or other computing devices. You do not need to be an administrator, since this certificate is stored in your local or roaming user profile.

  1. Download and save the certificate to your desktop (or other location of your choice).

  2. Double-click the certificate to launch your computer's certificate installation program. (This program is part of your local operating system.)

  3. Certificate 1

  4. Follow the prompts to open the file, install the certificate.

  5. Certificate 2

    Certificate 3

    Certificate 3

  6. The Certificate Import Wizard will open, check the button to "Place all certificates in the following store" then click Browse.

  7. Certificate 4

  8. Select the Folder for "Trusted Root Certification Authorities". (The root certificate won't work from other locations.)

  9. Certificate 5

  10. Click the buttons for "Next" and "Finish"

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