Cyber Security

Digital Forms and Signing

For your convenience, many of our administrative documents can now be filled out and signed digitally. You can use this capability from any current operating system, web browser, or email system. This is what you need to use this capability.

Adobe Acrobat or Reader

Fillable forms and digital signing is a capability of any version of Adobe Acrobat or Reader, including the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. You must use an Adobe product, since digital signing will not work with Microsoft's Edge or Apple's Preview default PDF applications.

Save and Edit a Local Copy

You must download and save a local copy of the form to fill it out. You cannot edit, sign, or save changes to the copy of the form on the website. This is necessary to protect your privacy.

To fill out a form:

  1. Select the hand tool.
  2. Position the pointer inside a form field, and click. The I-beam pointer allows you to ltype text. The arrow pointer allows you to select a button, a check box, a radio button, lor an item from a list.
  3. After entering text or selecting an item, check box, or radio button, do one of the following: Press Tab to accept the form field change and go to the next form field. Press Shift+Tab to accept the form field change and go to the previous form field. Press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac OS) to accept the form field change and deselect the current form field.
  4. In a multi-line text form field, Enter or Return goes to the next line in the same form field. You can use Enter on the keypad to accept a change and deselect the current form field.
  5. Press Escape to reject the form field change and deselect the current form field. Pressing Escape when you are in Full Screen mode causes you to exit Full Screen mode. Pressing Escape a second time rejects the form field change and deselects the current form field.

  6. Sign your Local Copy

    There are multiple options for creating a digital signature within Adobe Acrobat or Reader. We will accept any of these. It is not necessary to purchase a commercial certificate or enroll in any of the on-line services offered by Adobe or anyone else. If you do not have a user certificate, just create one from our self-service web-enrollment service that uses your ASHTON-GS Active Directory account.

    Web Site ASHTON-GS Root Certificate Authority: Web Enrollment server

    Access additional explanations on-line.

    Web Site YouTube: How to sign a document and email without printing or scanning

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