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This page provides electronic copies in various sizes and formats.

Portable Network Graphic (PNG)

PNG is the only correct format for the AGS Logo and is suitable for all Office document and Internet purposes. PNG provides the optimal rendering of electronic graphics and is suitable for any purpose. Click the size you want to download our logo in PNG format. For best results avoid resizing, stretching, or distorting the image. Select the one that best fits your purposes.

Logo with Name

The oval shield with the name below.

PNG 200 pt AGS Logo with Name PNG

PNG 300 pt AGS Logo with Name PNG

PNG 600 pt AGS Logo with Name PNG

PNG Large AGS Logo with Name PNG

Logo Alone

Just the oval shield.

PNG 100 pt AGS Logo PNG

PNG 200 pt AGS Logo PNG

PNG 300 pt AGS Logo PNG

PNG 600 pt AGS Logo PNG

PNG Huge (2000 pt) AGS Logo PNG

Professional Formats

Professional reproduction services often need Encapsulated Postscript (EPS), Adobe Illustrator (AI), Photoshop (PSD), or Protable Document Format (PDF) formats.

Logo with Name

EPS AGS Logo with Name EPS

AI AGS Logo with Name AI

PSD AGS Logo with Name PSD

PDF AGS Logo with Name PDF

Logo Alone



Black and White

There may be purposes when a non-color version is needed, such as when using low end reproduction services.

PNG Grayscale AGS Logo PNG

PNG Bitmap AGS Logo PNG

What about JPEG?

The AGS logo cannot be rendered in the JPEG format.

Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) or (JPG) is a popular compressed graphics format for digital photographs or paintings. The JPEG compression algorithm is limited to smooth variations of tone and color, and is not appropriate for line drawings, text, or iconic graphics, where the sharp contrasts between adjacent pixels creates distortion and other noticeable artifacts. Such images may be better saved in a lossless graphics format such as TIFF, GIF, PNG, or a raw image format.

The JPEG format does not support transparency, resulting in the oval shape of the AGS logo becoming a colored rectangle.

Often people ask for things without intending their request to be taken literally or interpreted as a precise technical specification. For example, if you are asked to provide a "Xerox" copy, you would normally provide a photocopy using any brand of copy machine that was available. There is no functional difference among the brands of products used to prepare the desired photocopy.

Likewise with electronic file formats: people needing an electronic file for embedding in a proposal or other document will generally request a "JPEG" of our company logo when they actually need an electronic logo in any appropriate format. It is a mistake to respond to these requests with a JPEG rendering of a logo that cannot be properly rendered in this format. The best response to these requests is to provide the proper PNG-formatted logo.

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